Sabrina Gildehaus


For more than 10 years of experience in the corporate fashion business while holding leading management functions at brands like JOOP!, TOM TAILOR and ZALANDO, Europe’s largest online fashion platform, heading the footwear and accessories merchandising department.

Focus areas:
Brand Strategy
Collection Development
Retail- & Wholesale Sales
People Development & Leadership

GILDEHAUS is operating in the Ukrainian market since beginning of 2019 and is working as an investment partner for emerging and established Ukrainian fashion and lifestyle brands to pave their way to Western European markets.

By having a strong international network GILDEHAUS is introducing Ukrainian fashion brands to relevant off- and online retailers in Western European markets as the fashion and lifestyle industry is currently a highly competitive, fast-moving and structurally changing industry which offers many opportunities for niche brands with an own recognizable identity.

Apart from providing individual consulting services GILDEHAUS invests in existing Ukrainian brands that seek for both the capital as well as the operational expertise to strengthen their organization in order to expand their business both via internationalization as well as digitalization. Also aims the GILDEHAUS mentoring program to foster exchange by hosting round table discussion rounds which provide young design talents and fashion entrepreneurs a platform to access knowledge and coaching from industry peers.

The highly motivated and creative mind-set of Ukrainian designers, it are the low unit production costs as well as Ukraine´s central location in Europe which can secure fast time-to-market at competitive prices. This mix offers a unique window of opportunity for Ukraine to become THE close-to-EU destination for textile production and fashionable brands.

Our Mission


Awareness of the Ukrainian market as the Close-to-Europe destination for production and new fashionable brands.

A positive image of Ukrainian talents and a culture of exchange to get attention from international experts and organizations to fully leverage the potential of the industry.


To relevant online & offline retailers in Europe to put “Made in Ukraine“ on the international fashion map.

To international experts to build up a strong network and high level of business knowledge.


On individual solutions and concepts to develop a highly professionalized organization, brand & product strategy, sourcing structure and sales network with the aim to ensure international standards.